Song: Candyman
Album Tinderbox front
#1: Candyman



Track Number

1 of 8

Track Length



21 April 1986

Voice & Lyrics:


Electric Bass & Keyboards:

Steven Severin

Guitar & Keyboards:

John Valentine Carruthers

Drums & Percussion:


Recorded By:

Hugh Jones

Mixed by:

Steve Churchyard

"Candyman" is the name of a song performed by Siouxsie Sioux with the Banshees, for the album Tinderbox.

Candyman LyricsEdit


♪♫Candyman Lyrics♫♪

Sickly sweet, his poison seeks For the young ones who don't understand The danger in his hands With a jaundiced wink see his cunning slink Oh trust in me my pretty one Come walk with me my helpless one


Syrup lies upon your tongue Gelatin saliva spills A flash of a guillotine a smile

Candyman -- oh Candyman

No pity for him, their misery screams Unspeakable things

A cool missile, yes it's in his smile With open arms to welcome you Beware the masked pretender He always lies, this candyman Those lips conspire in treachery To strike in cloak and dagger, see!

Candyman -- oh Candyman

And all the children, he warns "Don't tell," Those threats are sold With their guilt and shame they think they're to blame For Candyman -- oh Candyman

Written By: Siouxsie Sioux


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