Song: Cannons
Album Tinderbox front
#5: Cannons



Track Number:

5 of 8

Track Length:



21 April 1986

Voice & Lyrics:


Electric Bass & Keyboards:

Steven Severin

Guitar & Keyboards:

John Valentine Carruthers

Drums & Percussion:


Recorded By:

Hugh Jones

Mixed by:

Steve Churchyard

"Cannons" is the name of a song performed by Siouxsie Sioux with the Banshees, for the album Tinderbox.

Cannons LyricsEdit


♪♫Cannons Lyrics♫♪

Troubled weather's on its way Tempests threaten us today There's no respite, from long dark nights Just the fantasy of spring From the hailstones of summer To a scorching winter land A frozen death sleep, then this heat Beats down on this bucked land

Flames lick closer to the core From city limits fireball And in a headless chicken run Race red and screaming fire engines The the cannons came

'Neath the brooding sky Beneath its baleful eye The cannon shot, the cannon crack Disturbing night dreams

People fled in droves To the lakes and to the shores Left behind a near ghost town Save the life of the cannons resounding Still there was no rain

Once more in the line of fire Hovers the preying sky The cannons aim jabs at the eye Heralding the rain....

Written By: Lyric credit pending!


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