Jon Klein
Jon Klein
Performing "The Last Beat Of My Heart"

Birth name

Jon Klein


May 9th 1960 Bristol, England


August 28, 1991


King County Fairgrounds, Enumclaw, WA. U.S.A. (Lollapalooza 1991)


Punk rock, Post-punk,New wave,Gothic rock,Alternative rock

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Jon Klein is a British guitarist born on the 9th of May 1960 in Bristol, England, UK. He was recruited by the band Specimen in 1982, and soon after became the co-founder of the London based club the "Batcave". Specimen would regularly play in the club but the band was short lived and didn't achieve the fame that others had gotten at the time, they split in 1985.

After Jon's work with Specimen he was recruited by Siouxsie and the Banshees around 1988, as their new guitarist. He recorded Peepshow, Superstition and The Rapture with the Banshees. He was the longest lived guitarist that the band had at the time, however Jon did not go on tour for "The Rapture" due to disagreements with the band's manager. He was replaced with ex-Psychedelic Furs guitarist Knox Chandler for the tour. This was the end of Jon's work with Siouxsie and the Banshees, who coincidentally were dropped from Polydor record's roster, around the same time. Siouxsie and the Banshees broke up shortly after in 1996.

Jon later re-united with Specimen and continued to work with them in new records and live presentations. He also works with a band called Snail.

Jon Klein's Notable WorkEdit

As Guitarist for The BansheesEdit

Specimen DiscographyEdit

  • Batastrophe (1983)
  • The Beauty Of Poisin (1983)
  • Returning From A Journey (1983)
  • Sharp Teeth (1985)
  • Indestructable (1986)
  • Wet Warm Clingfilm Red Velvet Crush (1997)
  • Azoic (1997)
  • Batcave (2007)
  • Electric Ballroom (2007)
  • Alive At The Batcave (2008)