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Song: Little Sister
Album Superstition front
#5 Little Sister



Track Number

5 of 11

Track Length



10 June 1991




Steven Severin


Jon Klein

Keyboards, Cellos and Accordion:

Martin McCarrick

Drums and Percussion:



Stephen Hague

"Little Sister" is the name of a song performed by Siouxsie Sioux with the Banshees. It was produced by Stephen Hague, and released as track #5 from the band's tenth studio album Superstition.

Little Sister Lyrics Edit


♪♫Little Sister Lyrics♫♪

Here I sit in paradise My head between my hands

Little sister, break your vow Break down, the sacred side Little sister, break the rules Break me in two

Little sister, now you're gone Let's just say it's a mercy kill But little sister, you've left me Howling at the moon

If you touched my heart You might be surprised You'd be paralyzed

Will the free hand of captivity Heal all this brutality?

If you touched my heart A truth might lie disguised You'd be paralyzed

If you touched my heart You might be surprised You'd be paralyzed

Just once, little sister Just once...

Written By: Lyric credit pending!


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