Song: Not Forgotten
Album The Rapture front
#5: Not Forgotten


The Rapture

Track Number

5 of 12

Track Length




Lyrics & Voice:



Jon Klein

Cello, Keyboards & Accordion:

Martin McCarrick

Bass Guitar:

Steven Severin

Drums & Percussion:



Siouxsie and the Banshees

Not Forgotten is the name of a song performed by Siouxsie Sioux with the Banshees, for the album The Rapture.

Not Forgotten LyricsEdit


♪♫Not Forgotten Lyrics♫♪

You buried it so deep So safe in hidden sleep But like a tell-tale corpse Rises to the surface Over-ripe and bloated In naked time-lapsed truth Thought it was lost forever Remember this

How long has it been Or have you forgotten When you first forgot? Now resurrection the phoenix Aflame with pride and conceit Remembers this

Wind blown trees outside Applauding like the ocean To the cacophony inside The waves come rushing in A crashing whispering Drowning they drink me

Ah not forgotten This is not forgotten Remember this

-Do you forget how to sleep? -Do you forget how to forget? -I have NOT forgotten -Oh not forgotten -Remember this...

Written By: Lyric credit pending!


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