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Song: Rawhead and Bloodybones
Album Peepshow front
#8: Rawhead and Bloodybones



Track Number

8 of 10

Track Length



September 5, 1988

Lyrics & Voice:


Electric Bass:

Steven Severin


Jon Klein

Cello, Keyboards and Accordian

Martin McCarrick

Drums, Percussion and Harmonica



Mike Hedges

Rawhead and Bloody Bones is the name of a song performed by Siouxsie Sioux with the Banshees, for the album Peepshow.

The lyrics to the song are as follows:

Rawhead and Bloodybones LyricsEdit


♪♫Rawhead and Bloodybones Lyrics♫♪

Bad word Or bad deed Unpunished invites grief Here's Rawhead and Bloodybones

Reaching from Dark cupboard Crouching under stair, Lurking in chimney Pond or well

We're down here Held here Dragged here And drowned here by Rawhead and Bloodybones

Pop-eyed Horns Bushy-tailed Long teeth and Claws as well

Rawhead and Bloodybones

Written By: Lyric credit pending!


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