Song: Slowdive
Album Kiss In The Dreamhouse front
#9: Slowdive


A Kiss in the Dreamhouse

Track Number

9 of 9

Track Length



5 November 1982

Lyrics and Voice:


6-string Bass:

Steven Severin


John McGeoch

Drums, Percussion & Harmonica:



Anne Stephenson and Virginia Hewes


Mike Hedges

"Slowdive" is the name of a song performed by Siouxsie Sioux with the Banshees, for the album A Kiss in the Dreamhouse.

Slowdive LyricsEdit


♪♫Slowdive Lyrics♫♪

Get your head down to the ground Shake it all around -- a dirty sound Put your knees into your face And see if you can race -- real slow It's a slowdive -- when you die slow Oh it's a low jive -- do the slowdive

Now you jump back like a hound Emit a howling sound Dig those limbs into the floor And holler out for more

And you revel in the dips When your backbone slips Taking honeysuckle sips From your rolling hips It shifts and it shifts It's a slowdive -- when you die slow When you come alive it's a low jive Do the slowdive

Written By: Lyric credit pending!


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