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    August 18, 2013 by Molokaicreeper

    Fixed some typos around (added wikipedia links, etc), also fixed up the homepage which was getting old. Now it has other photos :)

    I had been wanting to include more photos on the homepage and didn't exactly know how to include them in a very sophisticated classy way. I tried getting some help from the volunteer team, but my request was too complicated. Nevertheless, this was going to happen, with the team's help or not.

    Not exactly what I wanted, but this will have to do. I am afraid my knowledge in this department can go but so far, heh.

    I'm pleased with it for now...

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  • Molokaicreeper

    I've never enjoyed myself so much since I created this wiki, more than a year and a half ago. Not only has it felt wonderful to work with the Mantaray articles (as difficult as it was to make the album page), I've enjoyed every bit of it. And the tracks are a large bonus, lovely for the most part. Enjoying the solo work of Siouxsie it's like being in "heaven on earth".

    Let it be known however, I discovered Siouxsie in 2007. Not because of this album... or perhaps it was? Not sure, since before that album Siouxsie and the Banshees had been forgotten (for the most part). I never heard about her at all before. Perhaps saw her on TV, heard about her in the radio news, or maybe MTV/VH1 but maybe once in my life and since I didn't know her, …

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  • Molokaicreeper

    Wow, this is super addicting! What the heck I didn't expect this! But it feels so good to get these little buggers!

    PS. Oh come on, really!!! I DID NOT plan this... honest! Pinky promise. I am planning, however, the devoted badge - that one will NOT go unnoticed!

    PPS. Comments please! There is a badge called "Opinionator" you can earn if you do so. Tempting enough?...

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  • Molokaicreeper

    This badge has got to be the biggest headache yet. I have worked in the wiki for prolonged periods of time for more than one year. Then I rest a bit and come back... anyway, this badge requires that you somehow make edits in a wiki within 24 hours from each other (or perhaps within 24 to 26 I dunno). Anyway, if you miss a day (say you come back to the wiki 28 hours later) you start at day 1. I tried this before, it wasn't fun! And for the record: I think I've only done this here, because I never succeeded in any other wiki when it comes to this badge. Forget the 30 days in the wiki badge I am done with that. ;)

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  • Molokaicreeper

    Come on, anyone born before 1975 has got to be familiar with this. I know I am, and I wasn't born until 1977!

    Short and to the point... this is a reference to the Zork series of games -- if you don't know about it, I urge you... you must find out!

    Zork is (was) such a great contribution to the world nowadays, it contributed to many different aspects:

    • Technical world history - without it, the very first computers would have been totally boring.
    • The computer gaming industry - Zork were some of the first computer games ever played, and thousands of games are/were based on, one thing or another, that Zork introduced.
    • The table game industry - Zork was the first interactive game, which included a table game (Double Fanucci) that you did not technica…
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